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Frisk is an experimental tool for searching the World Wide Web.

Frisk is designed to assist internet users with finding useful information by offering intuitive options after they have provided their inquiry.

When a user enters a search term into the Frisk website, they are presented with a number of potentially useful tools, based on the type of data provided.

  • The input is checked for spelling errors, and if present, a correct spelling is provided.
  • Simple math problems are solved, providing a quick tool for basic arithmetic.
  • A lookup for the search term is conducted on Wikipedia, providing a definition for a plethora of real-world concepts.
  • Single words are looked up in the dictionary and the user is provided with a number of definitions.
  • A toolbar for accessing other popular search engines provides the user with the ability to further branch out and find additional resources in their quest for answers.
  • A list of possible related searches are delivered to allow the user to further disambiguate their request.
  • Frisk presently integrates two Application Programming Interfaces for general web search results and provides the user with links from these search providers.

When a user clicks a link on Frisk, the user is taken to a page which analyzes the HTML structure of the document. This information is scanned for useful data and a report is generated and presented to the user. The user can review a summary, examine the assets present in the document, find external resources associated with the document, and more. Additional features are being added as soon as ideas present themselves and the opportunity for improvement is available.

The Frisk search engine is presently in development. Users can access the site on the World Wide Web at https://frisk.tech/

If you've used the Frisk engine and have comments or criticism, please visit the feedback page at https://frisk.tech/feedback.php

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